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Where can I buy an American Flag

where can i buy an american flag

Where can I buy an American Flag ?

The answer is really connected to another question what exactly am I going to buy. Quality of manufacture and of raw materials used is as important. There are enough suppliers and manufacturers around and the products look fine, but are they good enough?  Will a cheap import from another 3rd world country with warm climate make it through an American winter? This article attempts to rather look at this question as well as where can I buy an American flag.

General Manufacturing Specification for  American Flags for Sale.

All materials are sourced and coordinated in the USA. Authentication label saying “Made in the USA”  should be sewn into the seam. The flag is assembled by top artisans who craft the flag pieces from heavy weight – 100% Made in America 200 Denier Nylon material mostly, which has been treated to resist sunlight UV light and extreme weather conditions. Also the treatment is effected so as to allow quick dying to prevents water and moisture damage of the fabric and of color deterioration.

The white stars are best embroidered using very dense thread count so as to produce a rich quality 3D effect. The thread used should be of the brightest dazzling white color for full effect. The other colors namely the red and blue should be to the traditional specification s and be deep and true to the Old Red and the Union Blue. The best flags have colors that are so bright and deep that make the flag look almost as if it is self- illuminated.

The red and white stripes should be well sewn using 2 rows of lock stitching per seam so as to prevent unraveling of the stripes. No chain snitching technique should be applied. The fly end of the flag which is at the extreme end from the vertical pole should have 4 row density or quadruple lock stitching [once again never chain stitching] so as to prevent unraveling.

Flags should be shipped in strong quality box packaging with a pair of non-corrodible flag snap brass clips. The box should be a good quality one for use as storage of the flag if this be needed.

Be wary of the cheaper knock off where the stars are cheaply sewn on pieces of cloth and the flag is even printed wholly or in part. Needless to say these are mostly from cheap overseas factories who use inferior raw materials. When you buy the local Made in America take the time to feel for the heavy duty weight that comes with quality. Compare this to other sources so as to be sure you have a product that you will be proud of and that will last.

Trivia Facts - American FLag for Sale

Patriots who buy America Flags for Sale should look to local, meaning well established Flag makers that have been in the business in the USA for decades if not generations. So the question.  Where can I buy an American flag is based on good information about rock solid American Flag Makers.

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