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The Alamo

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The mission at what was called at that time San Antonio, Texas was built and completed about 1744. It was later abandoned. It then became later used for an extremely pivotal arguably one of the  emotive and important events  of American history in 1836.

Historically Spain held the area to be known as Texas. This continued to 1821 when Mexico declared independence. After a period of some years Texas wanted to become an independent State from Mexico, which was denied. The Mexican government prohibited influx of Americans into Texas .Then there was a small incident involving an attempt by the Mexican Government to repossess a cannon from the town of Gonzales where to locals resisted using arms. This resulted in the start of the Texas Revolution.

After some fighting over a period of time in 1836 General de Santa Anna arrived in an attempt to end the revolution. At this point the rebels regrouped at the old Alamo church which was a small compound of just a few acres where they were besieged by Santa Anna and his soldiers.

The commander of the fort at the time, William Travis sent out word for reinforcements and this allowed the number within the Alamo to swell to 200 odd. Despite their intention Travis’s  famous declaration to fight to the death by way of his “Victory or Death” letter, Santa Anna and his brigade besieged and charged the Alamo and took it in less than two hours on the 13 day of the siege.

All were killed including Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett. Only about twenty women and children survived. The Mexicans downplayed the incident as a small incident, but it can back to haunt them dearly. This fired up the revolution which carried on for many years by way of the Mexico – Texas war and went on for 10 years at which point America absorbed Texas in to the Union. This resulted in the American – Mexican war.


Before and after the famous Alamo incident and going forward through various stages to the absorption of Texas into the Union of the USA, this part of history is peppered with colorful flags. This started with the colonialists Spain influence to the creation of the Mexican Empire to the creation of the Republic of Texas and so on to the last and official flag of Texas. This was the official “Lone Star State”  flag of Texas when the State became the 28th State of the Union of the US in 1845.

1821 Flag of the Mexican Empire

Americas Flags for Sale_Flag_Mexico

Flags of the Revolution


1835 The “Come and Take It” Flag – Battle of Gonzales

American Flags for SaleTexas_Flag_Come_and_Take_It
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1835 Bloody Arm Flag – Texas Declaration of Independence

American Flags for Sale_Bloody Arm Flag
By Glasshouse – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

1835  The Alamo Flag [Reportedly Flown over the Alamo]

Alamo Flag American flags buy
By Glasshouse – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

1835 First official flag of The Republic of Texas

American State Flag Sale _Texas Lone Star Flag
By Glasshouse – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

1835 to today State Flag of Texas

American State Flag for Sale_Flag_of_Texas

There are at least about 40 flags in and around the history and events that can can be associated with Texas and the Alamo . This involves the various stages of change and revolution involving the  the State to its eventual absorption into the Union of the USA. For those that are looking to buy American flags of a rich era of American history you need look no further for examples of bravery and patriotism.  Flags of groups that flew that day and never to  fly again with the death of all those who flew those flags that day. All were asked to ” Never forget the Alamo”