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Flag Display-Protocol

Buy American Flags For Sale  – Display & Protocol

Buy American FLag Sale     Respect

The flag of the United States should be treated with respect , even to the extent that it should be treated as it were a living person. This is quoted from section 8 of the Flag Code. The flag should not be allowed to touch the ground, which if it did would be an action of disrespect.

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The flag should be flown normally as from a flag pole according to normal standards. If it is not flown then it should be displayed flat such as on a wall with the union in the upper left had corner from the viewers perspective. The flag could be displayed flat, vertically or horizontally this way.

  3 x 5 flags cheap    Vertical Hang

When the flag is hung vertically lengthwise, it is suspended vertically with the union to the North for a street that is running east west or to the east in a street running north south

Buying US state flags for sale     Crossed flags

The American Flag may be displayed together with another flag with staff poles crossed as such and against a wall. Then the American National flag should be on the viewers Left with its staff in front of the other flag as seen and displayed.

american flag with gold fringe Sale     Half Staff

Flown at half mast or staff the flag should be firstly be hoisted to the top then be lowered to flown half staff position. At the end of the day or period of hoisting it should be raised to the top of the pole for an instant then lowered for stowing. Half staff position of course means at the position of half the visible height of the pole.

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When the flag is used to cover a casket, in relation to the body, the union should at the head and over the left shoulder. In the lowering of the casket, the flag should never touch the ground. It should never touch the ground or be lowered below the ground level.

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When the flag is shown at a talk or public meeting it should be displayed at a position of prominence and honor which means it should be to the right of the speaker. Any other flag of other party represented can be shown but should be to the left of the position of the speaker. If the flag is shown as  together with two or more flags as a group then the American flag should be at the center and shown higher that any of the others.

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If the flag is shown inside the window of a building the whether it is vertical or horizontal, it should display the union position at the upper left corner as seen by the viewer outside.                                                            If the flag is extending from a building from a flagstaff then the union should be at the furthest from the building, and if on a pole angled upwards then the union should be at the highest point.

where to buy flags USA       Nationality Group Flying

When displayed as a flown group of flags from different nationalities the flags of all should be flown from different flag poles of equal heights. The flags should be of the same equal size. During peacetime al the flags should be flown at the same height. As host country or event such as the USA may host, the flags would have an order of protocol with the American flag on the left with others in order of precedence from left to right thereafter.

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If in a procession together with other flags and in a line the American flag should be first in the line of marching. If the marching is parallel as in a marching row then the American Flag should be in the center of the procession.

american flags for sale made in usa      Commercial Handling

For American flags sold they should be handled with respect and on sale counters as apposed to on the floor. They should be neatly folded and packaged for sale and dispatch as the National Flag would warrant. They should not be thrown around and badly manhandled.