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Flag Care

Care of American FLag for Sale          Proper care of the American Flag

Maintenance – The halyard or flag rope is subject to wear and tear with use and over time. Check its condition regularly and if need be sure to look for a source of American flags for sale and replace this and other parts such as the snaps.

Bad – Don’t tie the ends of the halyard to the top and bottom of each inner corner of the one edge of the flag to attach the flag this way. This will shorten the life of the flag greatly. First make up the halyard loop complete and then attach two snaps and use these to attach the flag to the halyard loop.

Stringing the flagpole – For an old or existing flagpole with halyard, do not just cut the old one and pull it out if the pole is taller than you. Firstly cut it and make a splice with the new halyard and an end of the old halyard. You can use adhesive insulation tape and or glue. Keep the bulk of the splice thin. If need be you can burn the ends of the ropes so that they are neat and do not unravel and flare out making the splice too thick.

Now pull the new rope up and through the flagpole pulley using the old halyard. After retrieving the other end of the new halyard you can open the splice and then knot the new rope together. A simple knot is adequate.

Hint – Wear and tear on the halyard is particularly greatest at the snaps. What you can do is move the snaps along to another point along the halyard where the rope is new and there is no wear at all. In this way you can prolong the life of the halyard greatly.  If the wear is too far gone then ask yourself the question: “Where can I buy an American flag”” , look for a source of American Flags for Sale online to get the proper rated Halyard rope or other components

Snap Hooks –  These take a lot of wear due to friction and weather . Be sure to check these often and see if they are going to fail in any way. Keep spares at home for instant replacement. Avoid low price plated ones which will just not last. Instead use solid brass or stainless steel.

Care – Do not fly the flag in extreme weather conditions of weather such as pelting rain of snow. Take down the flag and dry this out before folding as you want to avoid damage caused by the damp.

Cleating – Use a proper cleat attached to the flagpole to stow your halyard.  In this way you can avoid the wind ripping it around and damaging it, or some dog chewing it to pieces. Buy your flag and components carefully and you will have satisfaction.

American Flag V
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American Flag Snap
American Flag Snap

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