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Confederate Flag for Sale

Confederate Flag  for Sale – Story of the Southern Rebel Flag

When looking for a Confederate flag for sale you are buying a piece of history as no other in the Story of the birth of the Nation of America. This Flag embodies completely the Civil war that was fought with all the pain and bloodshed involved, the American nation was born at this point in time here.

The American  civil war between the North and the South accentuated the devotion to the flags . This took on almost a religious form of zeal. The Union took to the war with a flag of 13 stripes and 33 stars while the Confederates initially had to still determine their national flag for the seven secessionist states. Initially there was the tree flag, the Bonnie Blue and the influence of the St Georges Cross in these flags.

Confederate Flag for Sale - Cherokee Confederates Reunion
Cherokee Confederates Reunion


The concept and implementation of a Battle flag came about after the first battle of Manassas. There was confusion in telling the difference between sides especially from a distance so after some discussion and the suggestion of two flags on being a peace flag and another battle flag, the design of the battle flag was decided. This took the form of basically the Canton incorporating the saltier cross with the 13 five pointed white stars.

These depicted the 13 States of the Confederate flag when the last two states, Kentucky and Missouri were added to make this up to thirteen. The overall flag was square in shape but the size of this square was defined for the regiments. The sizes each being specific to infantry, artillery or cavalry respectfully.

Confederate Flag for Sale-Rebel Battle Flag
Battle flag of the Rebel Confederate States

This flag is often referred to as the Battle Flag of the Confederacy and was similar in design to the Naval Jack except that the  saltire was made blue. The design of the flag was square and each discipline of the fighting forces had a different size for the Infantry, the Artillery, the cavalry respectively


Bonnieblue Flag - Confederate Flag for Sale

This is a famous Southern Flag flown by them as well as done by other Southerners during that time. About  1860 there were many other flags flown by various troops and regimental companies.


The other Rebel Confederate flags around that time had similar features as the others over the homeland. The Flag of Alabama resembled the Confederate flag where the saltire was red in color against a white background and was square in shape as was the Battle flag. There are many associations to this design such as the of the St Patrick’s flag and the   feature incorporated into the British flag of St Patrick and the New Spanish Flag.

The Flag of Arkansas has similar features to the others in that use is made of red, white and navy and has resemblance of the navy diagonals with white stars incorporated

The Mississippi Flag has the red, white and blue horizontal bars in a rectangular form with the Confederate Battle flag as canton in the top left hand corner. The design of the flag was recognized as such in the mid 1890’s

The flag of Tennessee is similar to other Confederate flags as it has red, white and blue colors, is rectangular and has a similar resemblance to the third Confederate flag with the presence of a navy vertical bar on the extreme right had side instead of red.


State Flag of Mississippi
State Flag of Mississippi


State Flag of Alabama
Flag of Alabama


State Flag of Arkansas-Confederate Flag for Sale
State Flag of Arkansas

These flags are mostly contemporary or post civil war but incorporate the Confederate features in one way or another. All are part of the past and can have these as historical reminders and obtain a Confederate Flag for Sale.


The emotion around the Confederate flag has been heated and controversial. Historically it has been associated with the policies of the historic South which incorporates the issues around slavery. But that era has gone and everyone agrees that slavery and the racial apartheid history of America and the South is of the past and no more. Of course there are fragments of underlying racialism in the country but no more than any other country today.In fact probably less.

The strong current associations with the Confederate Flag today are more to do with romanticizing the rebel and possibly the rise of the underdog of society in general. It’s more to do with the freedom that modern individuals who want to express freedom of expression in all the ways that artists and the youth always do. It’s more to do with protest against the status quo of the expression of the excesses of the greedy corporate world and government’s indifference to its people and the cozy arrangement between the two.

So when rock bands and the bikers selling the Confederate  flag idea they are associating with the Rebel in all of us who wish to be free and not exploited by the powers that be. Of course there will be the odd race hater who will use the flag as a hate symbol. This is very rare.

The Confederate Flag is very much a huge part of the greater history of America and recent reaction to try and virtually erase it from society due to one or two random incidents has been vastly overdone.The recent attempt to wash the flag out of American culture smack more of modern society’s ongoing excessive  guilt and political correctness to minorities and issues long gone.

As patriots we should embrace our history and to looking to both sides of the differences that were fought over to form the one Nation of America . We should not be indifferent to buying a Confederate Flag for Sale. However it has been before two flags formed the nation.