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Betsy Ross Star

  Trivia Facts - American FLag for Sale    The Story of the  Betsy  Ross  Star

When George Washington was determining the design of the National flag he was set on the design using a 6 pointed star. In the course of deciding ha came across the seamstress Betsy Ross. She showed him the method outlined below for the production of a 5 pointed star. He was so impressed that he adopted the technique and so the 5 pointed star was set in to the National Flag.

The design submitted and used at that time was unique with the Stars in a circular form. This design  was named as the “Betsy Ross Flag ” and has remained so credited to her though out history even though the flag design moved on to other designs.


001 001 2
  1] The First Stage in the fabrication of the Betsy Ross star is to take a square or rectangular sheet of paper and fold it in half. Here we are taking a 8 1/2″ X 10″ sheet and fold it in half .


002 001
2] The next step is to make a small mark “B” in say pencil at  X-X  near the paper edge which is halfway down the vertical right hand edge. Then take the corner “A” and fold it exactly to meet “B” and then flatten the fold formed which will be roughly along the dotted line shown.   


003 001 2
3] The result if the above procedure gives the result shown here on the left.


005 001 
3] Now prepare the next fold by folding the corner “C”  from right to left to the point “D”. This in effect bisects the angle between the paper’s  edges X-C and X-D. The dotted line X – X shows this

007 001
 4] The diagram on the left now shows the result of operation 3  

009 001
5] We now prepare for the fold again from right to left by folding over the point corner “E”  to roughly “F” pressing the paper fold along the axis X-X

011 001
6] As a result of the operation 5 we have the result as shown on the left, we now prepare for the last fold. This is formed by folding the triangle piece x-x-G. This is done by pushing the corner “G “round the back of the form to meet “H”  from around the back . The new fold is formed by creasing the paper along the dotted line X-X/ezcol_1half_end]


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7] The result of operation 6 is the diagram shown on the left

012 001 3
8]With the  paper fully folded we now cut along line as shown in red right across with a pair of scissors to give a triangular folded piece of paper “S” . Unfold this and you will get the Betsy Ross 5 pointed Star as shown below. The characteristics of the points and the depth will vary depending on the angle of the red line chosen 


014 001

This is how the inventiveness of a solitary seamstresses talent entered and influenced a part of American history and folk law.