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American Flag Facts

Trivia Facts - American FLag for Sale  AMERICAN FLAG FACTS

Using the Flag  Publicly. You are not supposed to wear the flag on you person. Also Publicly displaying the flags horizontally at a football game violates the Flag Code.

Using the American flag in advertisements. You are not supposed to use the flag in Advertising. Generally companies should follow this but they are flouting this regulation and use patriotism to sell their products. This is not in the spirit of the use of the National Colors.

Postage Stamps with the American flag. This could be violating the Flag Code. The flag should not be printed or otherwise impressed on anything that is designed for temporary use and to be intent ally discarded.

Military wearing of the flag patch. The field of stars is to be worn closest to your heart. Moreover, the flag should look like it’s advancing, not retreating. So here if the arm badge is worn on your right sleeve for example, it will appear to be showing backwards.

Time of day. According to the American Flag Code, it is customary to display the flag outside from sunrise to sunset. However, when a special patriotic moment is apparent, the flag may be displayed twenty four hours a day and  properly illuminated during the hours of darkness.

Old Flags. When an American Flag is worn out or damaged beyond control it is never to be thrown into the trash. It should be burned to ash preferably in  a ceremonious way. The flag is said to  have “Been Retired.”

Upside down. An American flag should never be flown upside down. But it is permitted to indicate an emergency, like an SOS.

Cutting up the USA flag and being a hero.   Yes this was the case for Robert Peary who cut up the flag at the North Pole scattered the pieces around and was honored for doing so.

Betsy Ross.  Her house is maintained as an historical shrine monument on Arch Street Philadelphia to her and the flag. She had a pew at her church next to George Washington’s at Christ’s Church

Betsy Ross and the Star. George Washington originally suggested a 6 pointed star but Betsy Ross showed a clever way of producing a 5 pointed one. He was so impressed that the 5 pointed idea was adopted

Betsy Ross Flag Designer. Through history she was attributed a s the original designer of the flag .,but later historical research has shown that Francis Hopkinson and Continental Congress gas named him officially as the original flag designer

Federal Regulations.  There are federal regulations around the use of the flag for those who buy American flags for sale. This is to protect the integrity of the flag. For example there are restrictions on desecration and printing or displaying the image on items which are for disposal or to be discarded like napkins.

Colors of the Flag. The colors of the American flag are very clear and specific. For example they are originally defined as old glory red and old glory blue. This exactness has been carried forward and has been digitized for the modern world.  The US Department of State has the colors in computer language in HTML code

Conclusion.  These interesting facts and truths about the history and use of the national colors are given by for interest and education about the source of the national flag. There are also inspirational sayings from Great Americans which inspire Patriotism for us all to recall here.