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A flag is not just a flag. Putting two flags together that just look the same does not do it. It’s like an imitation high end watch like a Rolex fake or cheap paint for your house. They look identical but they are not going to make it!

When buying an American Flag for sale the differences are subtle. It’s in the quality of the material used, the weight of the fiber, the quality of the ink or dye and its color fastness.  Also the quality of the thread and the stitching technique especially on the fly end where the fraying takes place is critical.

America is a big country and has big weather. You can’t hang up junk and expect it to last. Even the tackle or hardware has a role. Like the eyelets and cords, pulleys and cleats.

American fLag Sale     AMERICAN MADE

Americans making American products like flags for sale are made by patriotic individuals and they understand America. They understand its weather and the people here. A lot of products from third world countries have a long history of being opportunistic and sub standard especially in the fabric end of the industry. The least said the better here. Your Flag should say “MADE IN AMERICA ” or 99% it is probably is not.

American fLag Sale      FLAG SIZE vs FLAG POLE

These need to be matched properly to effect good use and wear and also not to look ridiculous when paired. When you say where can I buy an American Flag you should look to quality and proportion. This is the combination sizing ratio system of Flag Pole vs Flag Size for Residential and Commercial Application:

Flagpole Height / Flag Size:

  • 20′ flagpole / 3′ X 5′ or 4′ X 6′ flag
  • 25′ flagpole / 5′ X 8′ flag
  • 30′ – 35′ flagpole / 6′ X 10′ flag
  • 40′ – 45′ flagpole / 8′ X 12′ flag
  • 50′ flagpole / 10′ X 15′ flag
  • 60′ – 65′ flagpole / 10′ X 19′ flag
  • 70′ – 80′ flagpole / 12′ X 18′ flag
  • 90′ – 100′ flagpole / 20′ X 38′ flag 

American fLag Sale        CONSTRUCTION QUALITY

We can’t emphasize this part because this is not obvious when you look at the product. American weather is up there with the toughest in the world. The quality of the cloth and the stitching technique is crucial. This has been worked out by our principles here over decades. Your are buying quality flags with us here that will last, not third world sub standard that will fray in the wind.

American fLag Sale         PRICE & GUARANTEE

Our associated company source is not a fly by night and offers guarantees that it can stand by . Be careful o f the 3rd world cheap big hype sites who offer LOW LEVEL quality American flags for sale which will disintegrate at the first American Winter they face. Also there are often phishing or hacking characters hanging around these sites who will rip your credit card details.

Our principles involve the oldest,  biggest, and most respected American flag manufacturers who have been around for many generations of American History and are still here today. Our principles will be here for many years to come!

American fLag Sale         FLAG FABRICS

WE offer three types of materials

Tough – Tex Polyester

This has been especially worked out for extreme USA weather. When you buy American Flags for Sale here this is the best and toughest and heaviest fabric over even nylon. It has been manufactured to give a cotton feel to it . So remember to order a Tough –Tex here.


This fabric is for the traditionalist or the purist here. The best care has been taken to enable these flags to be use indoors or outdoors, but care must be taken to keep a cotton flag so that it will last well. Cotton Flags may also come in mixes with other fiber materials if required.


This is the most popular choice of fabric for both indoor and outdoor use. The fabric is light and extremely durable and dries very quickly. The colors in this fabric are bright and the flag flies well in the slightest breeze due to the light fabric weight.